Writing Letters of Support

Instructions for Sponsors and Department Heads for Writing Letters of Support:

All letters of support will only be accepted in electronic format. This allows the Membership Committee to include your important comments in the web-based Membership Application system.

Formatting Your Letter of Support

Please send an electronic MS-Word or PDF document to the applicant containing your letter of recommendation. The applicant will attach your letter of recommendation to their electronic application form. Please place the Applicant's Full Name in the Subject line (e.g. Letter of Support for John Smith, M.D.)

Please DO NOT send paper letters of support or other supporting documents. These cannot be included in the Applicant's Membership packet for review, and thus will not benefit the Applicant.

The deadline for SUS Membership application is not available at this time. Please send your letter of recommendation to the applicant prior to the deadline so that they submit their application on time.

The SUS Membership Application System to currently under going reconstruction.  We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.  Please contact the Membership Department if you have questions at membership@susweb.org or (310) 986-6442, ext 138.