SUS Lifetime Achievement Award Winners




2015 - Ernest "Gene" Moore, MD


2014 - Marshall J. Orloff, MD 


Dr. Hiram Polk

2013 - Hiram C. Polk, Jr., MD 


2012 Alden Harken, MD

The SUS Board of Directors is pleased to announce [the 2012] Lifetime Achievement Award winner Alden H. Harken, MD, Professor and Chair at the University of California-San Francisco East Bay Department of Surgery. Though a native of Boston, Dr. Harken’s career has taken him all over the country and he is a Past President (1986) of the SUS.

“I am overwhelmed, honored, and in a delightful phase of shock over receiving this honor,” Dr. Harken said.

Dr. Harken, MD states he “got all his education within walking distance of Cambridge, Mass.” Following college at Harvard University, he graduated from Case Western Reserve Medical School in 1967 and completed surgical and pediatric cardiovascular surgical residencies at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and Boston Children’s Medical Center. He was drafted after medical school into the U.S. Army and spent three years as an investigator at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.  >> MORE >>


2011 - Patricia K. Donahoe, MD




2010 - Ben Eiseman, MD

Letters of Congratulation

Stanley W. Ashley   Nancy & Wiley Barker  Lester R. Bryant
Tanous D. Faris  Eric W. Fonkalsrud  Frank G. Moody 1
Frank G. Moody 2  Aubrey C. Galloway  Bartley P. Griffith
Alden H. Harken  Walter Lawrence, Jr  George F. Sheldon
Frank C. Spencer  Andrew S. Wechsler  James S. T. Yao




2009 - Richard L. Simmons, MD



2008 - Clyde F. Barker, MD





2007 - Frank G. Moody, MD

Dr. Pruitt.jpg

2006 - Basil A. Pruitt, Jr., MD




2005 - James C. Thompson, MD



2004 - John A. Mannick, MD